Nadi Shodhana Pranayama is a type of yogic breathing exercise that involves alternate nostril breathing. It is a powerful practice for calming the mind and balancing the energy in the body.

Yoga is gaining popularity day by day in the modern world, which is very good for society to get benefit from it, but it is also important to be have a right knowledge of yoga.

Here we have a pranayama practice which is called Nadi Shodhana, this practice is very important part of pranayama as it helps to purify the pranic channel of pranic body.

During Nadi Shodhana Pranayam, the practitioner uses the thumb and ring finger to alternately close off one nostril while breathing in and out through the other nostril. This is then repeated on the opposite side, with the other nostril being closed off and the breathing pattern reversed.

Nadi means Pranic channel and Shodhan mean purification so the term Nadi shodhan means purification of Nadis.

How to do this?
1. Sit with straight back and neck
2. Practice with empty stomach
3. Use vishnu mudra by folding your index and middle finger place near base of thumb.
4. Inhale through left nose and exhale from same nose without sound and in equal ratio 1:1.
5. Do for 5 minute from each side in beginning.

Benefits :
1. helps to increase awareness
2. Sensitivity to the breathe in the nostril
3. Removed minor blockage
4. Breathing through the left nostril tends to activate the right brain hemisphere which helps to swing the mood inward.

Practice note :
Both nostril must be clear and flowing freely.
Mucous blockage may be removed through the practice.
Beginner should be familiar with abdominal breathing before taking up nadi shodhana.