Yoga Retreat at Akshat Yogashala

Akshat Yoga Shala is presenting a way to escape from the usual hectic and gloomy schedule with our best yoga retreats in India.

Yoga retreat is a rejuvenating holiday to keep away from stress and anxiety. The yoga retreat invites peace in your life. It inspires you with positivity and charm and is the best way to drive away negative thoughts and feelings.

Akshat Yoga Shala categorize the retreat package as per the number of days.

Best Yoga Retreats in India-Introduction

Yoga retreat is a beautiful program where once can come and celebrate his/her holiday by Rejanuvating himself. This is something which everyone should do once in his lifetime, because this is the program where you invest your energy, time and money on your self to find true happiness which lie within you. Yoga retreat includes different styles of asana classes such as hatha, ashtanga vinyasa and yin yoga, yogic purification kriyas, and meditation practice to calm down your mind.

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Escape to Tranquility and Self-Discovery

Do you want to relax your self after your hectic life and want to go somewhere to relax your mind and breathe, this is what yoga retreat is about, in Akshat yogashala we provide a retreat program to relax one and connect with it’s true self, it gives you some time to practice yogic kriyas and meditation to understand your true nature and live a blissful state of life.

Yoga asana practice help to strengthen and flexible the body which provides comfortablity and steadiness. Meditation is nowadays practice by most of the people to relax their mind and attain tranquility, meditation is a one of the important part of yogic retreat. In our yoga retreat generally we offer for 3day, 7days, 10days and 14days program.

Benefits of Joining a Yoga Retrea

Joining yoga retreat could be a life time changing experience for one,  why? because the lifestyle nowadays we are living is really very disturbing for human machanism and therefore people go through so many mental and physical disease, such as stress, anxiety, depression, obesity, diebieties, acidity, suicide attempt etc. This has to be change the life of person is always in priority,that’s why going to relax somewhere for 3,4 days retreat near nature could be beneficial and it gives once some time to understand himself, and to experience the profoundness of his self by practicing yogic sadhana.

 It has so many benefits which are given below:-

  • Relax your mind
  • Helps to fit your body
  • Healthy food
  • Once feel more connected with himself
  • Free time for your self
  • Reveals the secret of life
  • Help to know the science of energy
  • Helps to know the science of breathe
  • You feel happy
  • Understand the phycology of mind
  • Helps to understand the philosophy of life

Array of Retreat Themes and Destinations – Wellness, Meditation, Nature Retreats, and More

In our retreat we offer all kinds of retreat if you are looking for retreat you should muct join a place which is near nature it will help you to experience something different from your day to day life. Generally the practices you do near nature is always more effective and meditative. Akshat yogashala offer all kinds of retreat such as wellness retreat where once especially come for treatment of particular disease, and another kind of retreat is where you can just come for relaxation.

Yoga Retreat daily Schedule

Hatha yoga
Ashtanga vinyasa
Meditation/Outdoor yoga
3 Satvik Meal + Tea

Included :-

Asana class (Hatha and Ashtanga vinyasa) 
3 Satvik Meal & Herbal Tea
Twin sharing AC Room

Note :- Arrival on 1st day after 12pm Departure on last day morning after breakfast 9am

Free Wi – fi

Parking Area

Books to Read

Nature walk nearby

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Other Activity is also available on additional cost.

Treatment :-

  • Deep tissue massage – ₹1600/45 min
  • Back pain treatment – ₹1200/30 min
  • Shirodhara – ₹2300/30min
  • Patra pinda swedan – ₹2000/30 min
  • Neck treatment – ₹1200/30 min
  • Treatment for knee joint – ₹1200/30 min
  • Eye treatment – ₹1200/30 min
  • Takradhara – ₹4500/45 min

Body detox :-

  • Detoxifying body mmassag (swedan) – ₹600/15min
  • Nasya – ₹800/15min
  • Basti karma – ₹1000/15min

Scrubs :-

  • Massage with herbal powder (Udavartana) ₹2400/45min
yoga teachers

Experienced Yoga Instructors and Guides

If you want to get best experience from your retreat then having well experienced teacher is very important so must check thr teacher to whome you are going to practice and experience the beauty of life. Teacher are the main backbone of retreat who are going to solve your problem and take you out from the dilema.

Akshat yogashala has team of well experienced yoga teacher who helps their student to learn and understand the teaching of yoga by their profound yoga knowledge.

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Why Akshat Yoga Shala ? 

  • Experienced teachers with a great level of professionalism.

  • We do not change the basic form of yoga and teach it in its original form.

  • Situated in the tranquil destination of Rishikesh, India.

  • Offer various yoga teacher training courses and programs in India.

Student Testimonial

Yoga Teacher Training Student’s Review

We conduct yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, Goa, and Kerala. We get lot of love and belief from students. These reviews by our ex-students are an example of this.